Best Sustainable Swimwear Company Owner (Spain): Marta Fernandez

I am delighted to announce highly anticipated results – great news for 2022!

I have been named.. 🥁

Best Sustainable Swimwear Business Owner (Spain): Marta Fernandez

This is a fantastic achievement and truly represents all of our hard work, innovation and dedication paying off!
The selection of the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022 is made after careful analysis.

Consider additional findings that the internal investigation team has found while doing their own due diligence both online and in the public domain.

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Must demonstrate a high level of excellence within your chosen field. Maximum dedication to your position is essential, as well as a permanent commitment to innovation and development.
MF SEA - Spain
Best Sustainable Swimwear Company Owner (Spain): Marta Fernandez

Marta Fernández is a Spanish designer who enthusiasm for haute couture began a radical renovation of the bridal industry These collections, driven by vision for creating a modern and luxurious artistic lifestyle resonates in various music videos, walked in the Fashion Week, and appearing in Vogue.

She collaborates with leading global partners creation / visualization of ideas for the main European and American brands. It has been added to a new market concept and its equation translates into a sales success, and a global audience.

Passionate about fashion, travels, and enlightening encounters, she naturally decided set out to create activewear collections that are as functional as they are chic.
She truly found her gap in the market when she launched MF SEA in 2020 to convert the plain black swimsuit into a luxe statement piece through adding luxury details, colours and prints.

The label has since gone from strength to strength, being featured at the prestigious Vogue magazine.

MF SEA has managed to create a new and distinct segment which sets it apart from its competitors accessible eco-luxury. Collections that are diverse and of the moment, characterised by authentic and charming femininity, with a natural, spontaneous and uncomplicated spirit = the «feeling good» affordable luxury it’s figure smoothing texture turning every women into a James Bond Beauty!

MF SEA promotes effortless beauty, both comfortable and elegant, MF SEA garments enhance the body and boost the spirit.