" MF • SEA brings the highest quality, versatile collection of swimwear, with eco-friendly fabrics which are lightweight, yet high performance, whether it’s on the sand, in the surf or by the resort pool, their sculpted silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and a modern palette ensure an effortless transition from the beach to the bar."

This gorgeous collection is designed with the active girl in mind, for you to revel in and on the surf, dive into the cool water of jungle waterfalls while looking as lively and alluring as the tropical lands of the islands.

Beyond The Beach

An eco-friendly collection inspired by the ocean's vivid underwater life, the soul-stirring beauty of the islands embody all that a MF Sea girl is about - adventure, magnetic charm, ravishing beauty and spirited life.


Sustainable Ethically-Made

We have a constant focus on material health. We want to deliver good, reliable and safe products to our customers. We want to protect public health and, therefore, our products are safe to use and we never compromise on this. We don’t sell products with any kind of unsafe or unhealthy chemicals, hormone disrupting materials, toxins or heavy metals.
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