Driven by the global travel boom and rising popularity of fitness vacations, emerged our versatile collection of stylish and hybrid fitness apparel, suitable for the beach, the bar, or water activities. With wellness and environmental friendliness in mind, this collection features eco-friendly fabrics and a relaxing palette of contemporary pastel colors.


Dynamic and contemporary, the collection fuses a surf style with fitness silhouettes. The garments are
lightweight, yet high-performance, and are suitable for water or land sports: from running or doing yoga on the beach to surfing or rowing. Sculpted silhouettes, high quality, luxury swimwear fabrics, and a modern palette ensure the transition from the beach to the bar.


100% Italian sustainable technological fabric, made of regenerated Nylon ECONYL® that turns waste problems into fashionable solutions. Vita by Carvico is versatile, hyper- resistant, slim, stylish, stretchy, soft and breathable - a unique combination of muscle compression and comfort. Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine, creams and suntan oils.


Details and trims feel precise and luxurious, balancing function and style. Non-essential details are removed, adding an element of subtle and bold style at the same time.