This Week’s Brand Spotlight: MF SEA X ECONYL

MF SEA was born from a desire and a dream to create a brand whose main objective was to align women with ideals of functionality and sustainable fashion. Subsequently and touring the four corners of the world, MF SEA founder Marta Fernandez felt there was an obvious gap in the market for premium swimwear that was as stylish as it was comfortable and practical, without compromising on style.

Whether on the sand, in the waves, or by the resort pool, MF SEA wants all women to feel feminine, and beautiful.

Producing the highest quality products is a key pillar within MF SEA. Fabrics and materials are sourced from around the world for their durability and strength, as well as their rich, opulent feel.

The MF SEA design team develops unique and stunning custom prints that complement simple silhouettes and block colors, all of which enhance the beautiful female form. Subtle yet eye-catching details including maximum coverage bodysuits and cheeky cut options. Their collections provide options to mix and match pieces to ensure you feel confident and glamorous by the pool and on the beach.

“Sustainability is the core value of the MF SEA mindset. We firmly believe that sustainability should not be a marketing tool, it should be a requirement.”

Their goal is to create a garment made with environmentally friendly materials, reducing their footprint on the planet. As conscious creators, they welcome the opportunity to embrace the ideals of Mother Nature, women, and a sustainable future together.

Sustainability is the core value of the MF SEA mindset. They firmly believe that sustainability should not be a marketing tool, it should be a requirement.

Being a conscious manufacturer means taking back the power and supporting what they stand for in an ever-growing fast fashion industry. They aim to make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint in a world plagued by poorly managed value chains.

They define themselves as a sustainable brand by incorporating these aspects: being owned by women, producing locally in Portugal, and using recycled and ecological materials from the beginning to the end of their value chain.

Their goal is to give our consumers the choice to support a product that has the future of the environment in mind by creating versatile products that can be used many times, for many purposes throughout their lifespan.