MF-SEA is the brand made for the empowered woman to reach her highest potential in and out of the water. 

Made for more than just beaching, MF-SEA is made to wear it as a lifestyle, doesn't matter if you like to sport, yoga, surf, or whatever you want, with MF-SEA you will always be an empowered free soul to do whatever you feel at every moment.

We are just not only providing the best design in the swimwear fashion industry, we are also providing an empowered, healthy, and sustainability commitment lifestyle. 


Made in Portugal, made of 100% sustainable Italian technological fabric, made by ECONYL® regenerated nylon that turns waste problems into fashionable solutions. Vita by Carvico is versatile, hyper-resistant, slim, stylish, stretchy, soft, and breathable - a unique combination of muscle compression and comfort. Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine, creams, and suntan oils.