Plan Renove 10% Off

MF Sea has partnered with Micolet and we are launching a used clothing collection service so you can give your clothes a second life and reduce your environmental impact.

Clothes that are in good condition will be sold in your store.

How does it work?

Prepare in a box a minimum of 20 garments that you no longer use and to which you want to give a second life. Keep in mind that the garments must be clean and in good condition. If you want you can see here the requirements of the allowed garments.

Fill in this form including in the message: the collection address and your telephone number so that the courier can locate you.

Micolet will send a carrier to the indicated address to remove the box with the garments. This collection is completely FREE.

Once Micolet has received the box with your garments, it will analyze each of them manually, we will send you an email providing you with a 10% discount code to enjoy in our entire collection.

Request your pick up here